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Site Visit By Our Engineers

Our engineers visit the site for your project.  In this article, we will be exploring the rationale behind the visit, what a typical site visit entails, what we look for, and how it allows us to bring additional value to each project.

We are responsible for the safety of your home; this is never compromised. Before exploring the design, we determine how the structure is currently working. By understanding the site constraints, looking out for evidence of previous structural movement or any latent defects, we can design to the safest standards possible. Latent defects are faults that could not have been readily detectable during construction and do not become apparent until further down the line. These could be due to design, workmanship, or the materials used during construction.    

The truth is, we don’t need to do any of this to carry out the work. As with any construction-related activity, there is an associated risk, and this risk is a function of what we know and what we don’t know. The more we can bridge that gap earlier in the project timeline, the more we can mitigate risk and avoid surprises during construction. That is because often surprises during construction predominantly mean one of two things: more time, or more money. 

Visiting the site before the design for the structure of your project means we can confirm what the existing condition is and tailor the proposals to the reality of the house. We avoid over-designing to mitigate the risk of guessing how many materials are needed, which could skew predicted construction costs. An early site visit can also mean identifying latent defects and site constraints that would impact the design.

Very quickly, the theme becomes clear; the more we know and the earlier we know it, the better service you can expect from us. All of this allows us to more accurately design the structure which promotes safety but also reduces the risk of additional cost and time throughout the project. Should you require a site visit at any other stage of your project, you will be able to contact your engineer at any stage to discuss your queries.

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